Open ULA/TF Positions

Sep 20, 2022 • Tyler S. on behalf of cs[dot]gradregistrar [at] yale edu

Hi, all,

We just received more TF/ULA resources from the Grad School because we are still in considerable need to TF and ULA help for the semester. Here is the list of courses still in need of help:

CS 150: CompSci&ModrnIntellctualAgenda CS 183: Law, Technology, & Culture CS 419: Full Stack Web Programming CPSC 419/CPSC 519 CS 424: ParallelProgrammingTechniques CPSC 424/CPSC 524 CS 446: Data and Info. Visualization CPSC 446/CPSC 546 CS 464: Algorithms and Society CPSC 464/CPSC 564 CS 465: Theory of Distributed Systems CPSC 465/CPSC 565 CS 472: Intelligent Robotics CPSC 472/CPSC 572 CS 474: Comp Intelligence for Games CPSC 474/CPSC 574 CS 475: ComputatlVision&BiologPerceptn CS 668: Blockchain Research

The courses in red are in great need of more help. So, if you are able (and wouldn’t mind picking up some extra cash), please get back to us with what assignment(s) you are interested in, and we will connect you with the instructor to make sure you are a fit.

Thanks in advance for your help! Alex, Will and Ruzica