CPSC 201 - Introduction to Computer Science


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Schedule of Help Hours for the Coming Week

Remember you can also email the course staff (the Peer Tutors, the Teaching Fellow, and Prof. Angluin) to ask questions: cs201help@cs.yale.edu.

Below is the schedule for Help Hours for the coming week. Friday (1/20) and Sunday (1/22) afternoons there will be special Zoo Linux introduction sessions.

Help Hours will be held in the Zoo (AKW 3rd floor, front of building) unless otherwise specified. Questions about homework and course material are welcome. Times are pm unless otherwise indicated.

  Fri (1/20)   3-4        Stephen
	                  (Zoo Linux introduction session)
  Sun (1/22)   2-4        Roy
               3-5        Maya
               2-5        Stephen
                          (Zoo Linux introduction session)

               7-9        Roy
               8-11       Nathan
  Mon (1/23)   7-9        Eugine
               9-11       Stephen

  Tue (1/24)   7-9        Maya
               8-11       Dibya
               7-11       Stephen
  Wed (1/25)   7-10       Dibya
               8-11       Nathan
               9-11       Eugine
               11:59pm    hw #0 is due (two files: hw0.rkt, response.pdf)      

1/18/17 TF Stephen Krewson will have Zoo Linux introduction sessions on Friday (1/20) 3-4 pm and Sunday (1/22) 2-5 pm in the Zoo (AKW 3rd floor). For information, see: CPSC 201 Zoo Linux quick start (Stephen Krewson's guide for CPSC 201) and Linux introduction (Stephen Slade's introduction to Linux).
1/17/17 Prof. Angluin will have office hours Wednesday (1/18) 2:30-4, Thursday (1/19) 2:30-4 and Friday (1/20) 3-4 in AKW 414.
1/14/17 The first reading assignment and homework #0 (due 1/25) are available from [Assignments].
1/11/17 Welcome to CS 201!

Last modified: 19 January 2017