CPSC 201 - Introduction to Computer Science


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Relevant Recent Announcements

3/25/15 There was a typo in hw6.rkt in the examples of symbol-table: prog2 and prog3 should have been prog1 and prog2, respectively. The error is now corrected. Thanks to Natalie and Cameron for pointing out the error.
3/24/15 Homework #6, due at 11:59 pm on Thursday, April 2, is available from [Assignments]. Please also see the TC-201 Description. Autograde test cases are not yet available; please test your procedures thoroughly.

Note that the days of spring break (Saturday, March 7 through Sunday, March 22) do not count against your "late day" total. Also, if you have not yet done the style assignment, you can still get 8 points for it if you do it by 11:59 pm on Thursday, March 26. (See [Assignments] for a decription of the style assignment.)

3/21/15 Help hours for the week of March 22.

Peer tutors and the TF will be available according to the following schedule.

Remember you can also get help by email: cs201help@cs.yale.edu. This week's schedule (all times are pm):

Sunday (3/22) (Zoo, AKW)
   2-5  Aleksandra
   7-10 Josh
Monday (3/23) (Zoo, AKW)
   7-10 Jieung
Tuesday (3/24) (Zoo, AKW)
   7-10 Josh
   9-12 Abhishek
Wednesday (3/25) (Zoo Annex, 17HLH)
   7-10 Aleksandra
   9-12 Lien
Thursday (3/26) (Zoo Annex, 17HLH)
   7-10 Lien
   9-12 Abhishek
... The complete list of announcements is in the [Announcements] section of this webpage.

Last modified: March 25, 2015