CPSC 201 - Introduction to Computer Science


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Relevant Recent Announcements

1/23/15 Homework #1, due at 11:59 pm on Thursday, January 29, is available from [Assignments].
1/23/15 Help hours for the week of January 25.

Peer tutors and the TF will be available according to the following schedule. Please note the location: the "Zoo" is the computer lab on the 3rd floor of AKW at the front of the building, and the "Zoo Annex" is the computer lab in room 111 of 17 Hillhouse.

Remember you can also get help by email: cs201help@cs.yale.edu. This week's schedule (all times are pm):

Sunday (1/25) (Zoo, AKW)
  2-5  Josh
  7-10 Lien
Monday (1/26) (Zoo, AKW)
  7-10 Aleksandra
Tuesday (1/27) (Zoo, AKW)
  7-10 Josh
  9-12 Abhishek
Wednesday (1/28) (Zoo Annex, 17HLH)
  7-10 Aleksandra
  9-12 Jieung
Thursday (1/29) (Zoo Annex, 17HLH)
  7-10 Lien
  9-12 Abhishek

... The complete list of announcements is in the [Announcements] section of this webpage.

Last modified: January 23, 2015