CPSC 201 - Introduction to Computer Science


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Course Information

Relevant Recent Announcements

3/26 Prof. Angluin will have office hours Monday (3/27), Tuesday (3/28) and Wednesday (3/30) 2:30-3:45 in AKW 414. These are drop-in hours -- questions and discussion about course material, homework and exams are welcome, but also about the department and major, as well as broader issues.

Schedule of Help Hours for the Coming Week

Remember you can also email the course staff (the Peer Tutors, the Teaching Fellow, and Prof. Angluin) to ask questions: cs201help@cs.yale.edu.

Help Hours will be held in the Zoo (AKW 3rd floor, front of building) unless otherwise specified. Questions about homework and course material are welcome. Don't forget to complete the Style Assignment by 7 pm on Friday (3/31). Times are pm unless otherwise indicated.

  Sun (3/26)   7-9         Roy
  Mon (3/27)   7-9         Shreyas
               8-11        Nathan
  Tue (3/28)   6-8         Maya
               9-11        Roy
  Wed (3/29)   7-10        Dibya
               7-11        Stephen
  Thu (3/30)   7-9         Maya and Dibya
               8-midnight  Eugine
  Fri (3/31)   5-7         Stephen and Shreyas

  *** The Style Assignment must be completed during Help Hours by 7 pm 3/31/17 *** 

3/22 The public test cases for homework #5 are available. Instructions for using the autograde program to test your procedures with the public test cases are in autograde instructions.
3/20 Homework #5 (due 4/5) is available from [Assignments]. A description of the TC-201 is available in TC-201 description. Autograde test cases are not yet available.
3/7 The Wikipedia diagrams of Von Neumann architecture from the lecture on 3/3/2017 are in: Von Neumann diagrams.
3/6 Your graded midterm #1 was returned in class. Solutions are available from Spring 2017, Midterm 1, Solutions.

The Style Assignment

For the style assignment, you are asked to read the Racket style guide and also review your code for homework #2 (Shut the Box), and then go to Help Hours and discuss with the TF or a Peer Tutor (for at most 5 minutes) your views of how the ideas in the guide apply to your code. The assignment is worth 10 points -- you get 10 points if you do it, and 0 points if you do not. You need to do it by the end of the week after break, that is, by March 31.
... These and previous announcements are available from [Announcements].

Last modified: March 27, 2017