CPSC 201 - Introduction to Computer Science


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Relevant Recent Announcements

4/24/15 Practice Final.

A practice final exam is available: Practice Final Exam. Solutions will be posted on Sunday (4/26) and Prof. Angluin will hold a review session to go over the solutions on Wednesday (4/29) 11:35-12:25 in 119 WLH (the course classroom).

4/24/15 Preliminary help hours for the week of April 26.

Peer tutors and the TF will be available according to the following schedule. They can help you with homework and answer your questions about course material. They do not know specifically what will be on the final exam.

The locations of all help hours will be in AKW. Jieung's hours will be in his office (311 AKW). The peer tutor hours will be in the 3rd floor Zoo or on the 2nd floor (kitchen, atrium, or room 200).

Remember you can also get help by email: cs201help@cs.yale.edu. This week's schedule (all times are pm):

Sunday (4/26)
  2-5  Josh
  7-10 Aleksandra
Monday (4/27)
  2-5  Lien
  9-12 Josh
Tuesday (4/28)
  10-12 Jieung (311 AKW)
Wednesday (4/29)
  7-10 Aleksandra
  10-12 Jieung (311 AKW)
Thursday (4/30)
  7-10 Lien
  10-12 Jieung (311 AKW)

... The complete list of announcements is in the [Announcements] section of this webpage.

Last modified: April 24, 2015