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Recent Announcements:

  • 30 Apr. I found a bug in my code that caused it to change one of the parameters for the elliptic curve, making some of the sample output wrong. I've replaced the old sample-output file with the new corrected one. The changes are in the output of findPoint(). Please download the corrected version.

  • 30 Apr. I've supplied a parameters in the format needed for problem set 8 (pdf). These parameters are for the NIST FIPS 186 standard curve P-192. They are taken from the docuemnt FIPS 186-3, Digital Signature Standard (DSS) with the exception of the parameter k, which is not part of the standard. I have just set it to 128. This file may be found in /c/cs467/assignments/ps8.

  • 30 Apr. I've supplied a test parameters file and sample output from my code using those parameters for PS7. This only tests the elliptic curve functions for small numbers, but the results from my code seem to be correct to the extent that I've been able to check them. I don't promise that my code is error-free, but if your code gives different answers from mine and you think your code is correct, please send me an email and I'll do some more checking. The files may be found in /c/cs467/assignments/ps7.

  • 22 Apr. The extra-credit problem set 8 (pdf) is available. It is also due on the last day of reading period, Monday, April 30.

  • 19 Apr. Problem set 7 (pdf) is available. It is due on the last day of reading period, Monday, April 30. The extra credit assignment, which builds on PS7, will be out soon.

  • 15 Apr. A final exam will be given as scheduled below:

    CPSC 467, Cryptography& ComputerSecurity
    Assigned to exam group:  36
    Thursday, May 03, 2012 beginning at 09:00am
    Room Assignment(s):  WLH 207

    This is not the same as our regular classroom. Please make sure to identify the exam location in advance. I remind those enrolled under the graduate number CPSC 567b that you are also expected to take the final exam. I do not plan to give an early exam for the convenience of those who want to leave campus early.

  • 15 Apr. Last week's notes for lecture 22 and lecture 23 are now available.

  • 8 Apr. Problem set 6 (pdf) is available. It is due on Monday, April 16.

  • 28 Mar. Problem set 5 (pdf) is available. It is due on Wednesday, April 4.

  • 27 Mar. I just posted the handout on pseudorandom sequence generation (.pdf) that I promised you yesterday. It presents the material from yesterday's lecture in greater detail.

  • 24 Mar. There is a typo in the submission instructions for Problem set 4. The correct problem number to use with the submit script is "4". This error is corrected in revision 1 of the handout (pdf).

  • 19 Mar. Problem set 4 (pdf) is available. It is due on Wednesday, March 28.

  • 26 Feb. I corrected a typo in the definition of elliptic curve addition on slide #15 of the lecture 13 notes.

  • 20 Feb. I just posted a study guide to midterm exam (.pdf) with pointers to relevant sections of the two textbooks as well as an index to the lecture notes. There is not a perfect fit between the textbooks and the course as defined by the lectures, so don't worry about material in the textbooks that we have not covered in class or on the homeworks — you will not be responsble for that. Please email me if you have any questions about the midterm.

  • 16 Feb. Two announcements:

    1. I just posted two handouts that should be useful in studying for the midterm exam. The number theory summary (.pdf) contains a concise list of the number theory that we have covered to date, followed by topics that we have not covered (and that will not be on the exam), beginning with the Chinese Remainder Theorem. The handout on linear congruence equations (.pdf) shows how to solve them and more.

    2. Here's a link to the new article I mentioned in class yesterday about the sanity check of public keys found on the web, “Ron was wrong, Whit is right”.

  • 13 Feb. Handout 4 (rev. 1) (pdf) corrects an error in Problem 4 of Problem Set 3. The base of the exponentiation should be 3, not 2. Euler's theorem cannot be applied to the problem as originally stated since gcd(2, 2200) ≠ 1.

    Note: If you have solved the original problem and have verified that your solution is correct without relying on Euler's theorem (which doesn't apply), you may submit it instead of the solution to the corrected problem.

  • 8 Feb. Problem set 3 (pdf) is available. It is due on Wednesday, February 15.

  • 6 Feb. The midterm examination will be given in class on Wednesday, February 22 at the usual time and place.

  • 29 Jan. Problem set 2 (pdf) is finally ready. It is due on Wednesday, February 8.

  • 19 Jan. Please scroll down for new office hours for myself and the two TA's. You can also email us with questions or to arrange an appointment if these times don't work for you.

  • 18 Jan. My apologies to people who have been having trouble using the submit script. I see the problem was my error in the PS1 handout, where I mistakenly put "submit" twice on the sample command line. The correct command line is:

    /c/cs467/bin/submit 1 my.name_ps1_solutions.pdf

    or whatever you called your solutions file.

  • 16 Jan. Room change: This class will meet in room AKW 400 starting this Wednesday. It may take the registrar a bit of time to get the room change onto the OCI page.

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