CPSC 365 Homework Assignments


Assignments are due at 5:00pm on the date listed unless otherwise noted. Submissions must be uploaded to Gradescope. Use code 4P2P3V or use the Canvas link to enroll in the course on Gradescope, using your Yale e-mail address so we can match your records across systems. To facilitate anonymous grading, please include your name only on a title page (if at all).

Late Policy

Solutions will be posted to Piazza and/or Canvas soon after the due date and we will not accept solutions after the solutions are posted. If you have a Dean's Excuse for a Homework Assignment, we will arrange an alternate assignment or reweight other homework assignments.


Assignment Due Date
1 2021-02-11 (Canvas Quiz)
2021-02-18 (Written work)
Loop Invariants and Stable Matchings
2 2021-02-25 (Canvas Quiz)
2021-03-04 (Written work)
Greedy Algorithms and Shortest Paths
3 2021-03-16 (Canvas Quiz)
2021-03-16 (Written work)
Minimum Spanning Trees
4 2021-03-26 (Dynamic Programming Canvas Quiz)
2021-04-01 (Divide-and-Conquer Canvas Quiz)
2021-04-01 (Written work)
Seam Carving by Shai Avidan and Ariel Shamir
Dynamic Programming and Divide and Conquer
5 2021-04-09 11:59pm (Canvas Quiz I)
2021-04-15 (Canvas Quiz II)
2021-04-15 (Written work)
Maximum Flow
6 2021-04-29 (Canvas Quiz)
2021-04-29 (Written work)
P vs. NP